Since 1982  Gary has been a  Real Estate practioner serving the needs of clients from all walks of life. His suceesful career has earned him several sales awards including the Re/Max Hall of Fame award, which is granted to sales representatives achieving over one million dollars in commissions in their first 10 years with the company. Gary's creative approach to sales has earned him the reputation as the 'deal maker' with transactions that sometimes seem the impossible. 

Gary comes from a solid background in education, world experiences and entrepenurial endeavours. His studies have included a student exchange experience in New Delhi, India, Bachelor of Science studies at Graceland College, Lamoni, Iowa and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Guelph, in Economics, Landscape Architecture and Fine Arts. He has also studied in the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, AACI Real Estate program. He has been a past member of the Economic Developers Council of Ontario, AACI Appraisal candidate, consultant, publisher and lecturer of real estate and business.

With a passion for understanding all their is to know about the world of real estate, Gary continues to be a solid resource of information and a successful negotiator for all matters concerning 'real estate'. Gary would be more than happy to discuss any of you real estate endeavours and offer his honest and sincere advice in your best interests.